Peter’s Sermon in Acts 3:11-26: Structure and Exegesis – Part 4

I have been posting chapters from my forthcoming book “The Restoration of All Things in Acts 3:21 – a Structural Analysis of Peter’s Sermon in Acts 3:11-26”. The chapters in the previous post were quite “technical” and detailed, so I hope that the three chapters in this post will provide something of a break from this, and will give a sense of the book’s overall direction.

In this post, I’m providing links to three chapters that will give an overview of some of the book’s key proposals or claims. In chapter 14, I give an overall “quasi-chiastic” structural analysis for the passage as a whole, and in chapters 21 and 22 I discuss two key aspects of the interpretation of Peter’s sermon proposed in the book. These are: i) the perhaps somewhat controversial claim that the Greek word achri in Acts 3:21 should be translated as during rather than until, and ii) the view that Christ’s divine omnipresence allows that the sending of Jesus Christ (v. 20) to Peter’s hearers who repent and are converted (v. 19) takes place concurrently with His presence in heaven (v. 21).

I will provide links to the remaining chapters in the next post.


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