Peter’s Sermon in Acts 3:11-26: Structure and Exegesis – Part 1

I have recently completed a book on Peter’s Sermon in Acts 3:11-26 in which I propose an interpretation of the expression “the restoration of all things” (in v. 21) which is somewhat at variance with the views put forward in many commentaries on Acts. A feature of the book is the attention paid to the structure of Peter’s sermon. In this and the next few posts I will be posting various chapters from the book, and I thought in this first post I would start in media res with Chapter 5 which will give a flavour of the approach taken.

The chapter is in pdf format and can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

I look forward, as always, to all comments and corrections!

Categories: Acts, Chiastic and Other Structures, Language and Logic, New Testament Exegesis

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  1. An excellent Bible study. Chiasms are clearly a useful way of being able to actually interpret the meaning of the verses under discussion. Also, such complexity and perfection points towards the supernatural/inspired nature of Scripture.


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