A Chiastic Analysis of Acts 1:9-11. Is the Angelic Promise of v. 11 Past or Future?

Acts 1:11 is widely interpreted as referring specifically to a still future return of Jesus Christ at the end of history, or a return which inaugurates a series of eschatological events still in the future. In this article, the view will be put forward that various lines of evidence, including the context of this verse, suggest it may, rather, refer to events or situations within the Apostles’ more immediate “time horizon”, and would include the judgement and destruction on Jerusalem in A.D. 70 as falling within the “this generation” time-frame repeatedly spoken of by Jesus for the fufillment of the “coming of the Son of Man on the clouds of heaven” (e.g. Luke 21:27, 32). The article also looks at the structure of these verses and gives two related analyses – one primarily chiastic and the other having combination of chiastic and panel (parallel) elements. The possible role of structure as an aid to exegesis is very briefly discussed.

The article is in pdf format and can be accessed below:

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