Tongues for Unbelievers; Prophecy for Believers – a Structural Analysis of 1 Cor.14:21-25

This is the first part of what will hopefully be an analysis of structures found in  1 Cor. 14: 21-36 and which will also include the famous verses (vs. 34-35) about women keeping silent in church.

In this first article, I look at the contrast that Paul draws between tongues (languages) and prophecy as they would affect unbelieving or “uninstructed” visitors to the assembled church in Corinth, once again showing the superiority of prophecy over tongues.

Please click on the link below to access the article which is in word document format.


All comments, suggestions, additions and corrections gratefully received!

Categories: Chiastic and Other Structures, Corinthians, New Testament Exegesis

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