Chiastic structure of Romans Ch. 6 – Part 3

In this short article, a second structural analysis of Romans 6:12-14 is put forward. This analysis, like the previous one, shows how Paul uses this “bridge” section to link the two main arguments of Ch. 6. The analysis, if correct, also shows Paul anticipating themes in Ch. 7. Please click on the link below!



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  1. Very interesting! I am familiar with chaisms due to lectures from a theologian I love: James B Jordan but I have never seen them so detailed. Also the amount of words and specific words seem to be chaistic as well. There is no way this is not God-inspired. I am wondering if you would also see the literary structure of these verses a sort of “textual criticism” giving the Textus Receptus further witness as the true text? As I am sure at certain places the Eclectic text would mess it up at points. Thanks.


  2. Hello Kyle,
    Many thanks for your email! I’m also a great fan of James Jordan and also Peter Leithart and am very grateful for their tremendous insights. By contrast, I’m a totally amateur theologian! However, I do think that word count aspects of chiasms and other biblical structures are, in general, currently under-appreciated, and one of the aims of my website is to draw attention to the presence and value of word counts for analysis and interpretation. (It certainly provides an “objective control” on some of the more “adventurous” chiasms sometimes proposed!) I think that word counts strongly support the Textus Receptus – a conclusion noted by others too including Gioacchino Michael Cascione in his book Repetition in the Bible. I have found many, many examples where the word count in the TR supports a chiasm but e.g. Nestle-Aland doesn’t, but so far have found no examples where the reverse is the case. One example of this is Romans 8:1-4, and I have analysed this passage in the blog post (dated June 6th 2017) “There is Therefore now no Condemnation – a Chiastic Analysis of Romans 8:1-4”. Another example is the Lord’s Prayer which I attempt to analyse in my essay “Pearls Before Swine” which can be downloaded from the Articles section of the website.
    I seem to have a lot of half-finished projects on my website at the moment – including this one on Romans Ch. 6! I’m gradually trying to work my way through all of these, and will always be delighted to discuss any biblical topic including proposed chiasms, and can be contacted either through the famousfox website or directly at
    Many thanks once again, Kyle, and God bless,
    from Stewart


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