The 153 Fishes and Solomon’s Temple – an Inter-textual Reading

This article is actually chapter 3 of my book Chiastic Structures in the Interpretation of Scripture. The article is a Word document and can be accessed below or from  the Articles page of this website.

In his Gospel, John makes many comparisons between the person and work of Jesus Christ and the tabernacle and temple of the Old Testament. For example, the book by Paul Hoskins, Jesus as the Fulfillment of the Temple in the Gospel of John deals with many of these aspects. In this article, I wish to draw attention to the significance of the 153 great fishes and to link this to the materials and the builders of Solomon’s temple. In addition, I wish to show that this episode of the miraculous draught of fishes recorded in John’s Gospel presents Jesus as the antitypical fulfillment of some aspects of the visionary temple described in Ezekiel chs. 40-48.

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