Peace Be Still! – a Surprising Chiasm in Mark Chapters 3-6


This article is actually one of the chapters from my book Biblical Chiasms in the Interpretation of Scripture (hence the page numbering!)

In this article, I start by drawing attention to the known chiasm in Mark chs. 3-6 which has at its centre Mark’s account of Jesus stilling the storm on the sea of Galilee in Mark ch. 4. Within this chiasm, there are three parables immediately before this central event, and three miracles immediately afterwards. The essay continues with the suggestion that the parables and the miracles might actually correspond when these two sets of three are each compared in “panel” order – that is, sequentially – within the overall chiasm. Of course, it is not immediately obvious that the Parable of the Sower should correspond to the healing of the Gerasene Demoniac and so on! To judge for yourself whether such apparently unlikely things might be  feasible, please read on by clicking on the link below!! I have done my best to “make the case” for this linkage, and would really value your help, corrections, insights and feedback!


Categories: Chiastic and Other Structures, New Testament Exegesis

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