Jonah 1:11-16

Continuing our studies in Jonah, here are some attempted analyses of Jonah 1:11-16. This is the passage where the sailors ask Jonah how the sea can be made calm for them. Initially they do not follow Jonah’s drastic instructions, but then, they somewhat fearfully and reluctantly carry them out, with fervent prayers to Yahweh, and the storm ceases. Thus the passage is divided into two equal  halves (42 and 43 words respectively) with many structural and thematic connections with which I have attempted to grapple!

Please let me know your thoughts on this!

The analysis is quite long, and so I have uploaded  it as a Word document, accessible by clicking on the link below.  It does not make for particularly easy reading, however, the diagrams  in the document will, I hope give the general idea of the proposed structures.


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