Who is the Rider on the White Horse in Revelation 6:2?


The identity of the Rider on the white horse in Rev. 6:2 has, for almost all of the history of the church, not been a matter of doubt: He is the Lord Jesus Christ, or alternatively the Holy Spirit or a symbolic representation of the victorious progress of the Gospel. At any rate, He had always been seen as “good” and His going forth as representing the victorious claiming and winning of those whom Christ ransomed on the cross (Rev. 5:9-10). That He is to be understood as a satanic counterfeit is a new (in historical terms) idea – associated, initially anyway, with various Dispensationalist schemes. It is claimed that this identification is supported by an analysis of Matthew Ch. 24 (the Olivet Discourse) and Revelation Ch. 6 when they are considered inter-textually and in parallel with each other. The following article critiques and challenges this claim, whilst recognising the value of an inter-textual approach.

The article can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Please let me know your thoughts.

revelationWho is the Rider on the White Horse in Revelation 6



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