The Birth of Jesus in Matt. 1:18-25 – Part 5

This is the final chiastic structure that I will be attempting for this passage! It is the one that was referred to as “II” in Part 4 of this series, and is an analysis of the structure of the entire passage. It is, I hope, reasonably self-explanatory – exhibiting a basically chiastic structure with embedded parallel (panel) elements.

To complete this broader study of the opening verses of Matthew’s Gospel I hope to return to the genealogical table, verses 1-17, and to look at some of the interesting inclusions – and omissions – in that table. Why for example, is Zerah (a son of Judah) mentioned – even though he is not in the line of descent – and why is King Jehoiakim excluded – even though he is in the line of descent?

Anyway, below is the chiastic structure described above!


Chiastic Structure of Matt. 1:18-25

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